professional soccer bet predictions for today

Schalke will leave Koln without a win. Read our professional soccer bet predictions for today below. The shape of Schalke Schalke performs more strongly this season and this puts the team in third place in the standings. Almost 8 consecutive matches home team have no losses. In the last round they made a real hero. They started a nightmare on Dortmund and after only 25 minutes they lost 4-0. In the second half, however, they did the unthinkable and reached the point and draw 4: 4. That's how they once again confirmed the good impression they have left this season. At home, Schalke only lost to Bayern for the time being and stays firmly at home. In their last home game they did not have much difficulty against Hamburger and won 2-0. With this match you can also win at a bookmaker like 1BBet where a win for Schalke is estimated at 1.44. The shape of Koln Cologne continues with his poor performance in the Bundesliga. The team is anchored at the bottom and is still without victory. Th